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We use virgin coconut soy wax for a smooth, non-toxic burn. Vegan and dermatologist tested. Guaranteed for a great fragrance throw to fill a room.

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    Tempus was founded in remembrance of the late, Linnie Nixon. Mother, Aunt, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, Linnie was a woman of God who enjoyed living in the present moment. As a woman of strong faith and values, she knew each day she was alive was a day of purpose. When Linnie passed she left a message unknowingly to her grandchildren in her home's grandfather clock that read, Tempus Fugit - translated into “time flies.” We sometimes forget that time is not in our control. As much as we believe it is, it comes and goes. Tempus was created as a reminder to enjoy the time that God has given us here on earth and to be a good steward of it. Through Linnie’s legacy, Tempus is a constant reminder that time is of the essence, to be more present and to remain joyful of the moments and experiences we are gifted.